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Halloween Film Impressions: Hush

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 12, 2016

hush_2016_posterOkay, another Netflix-streaming horror movie… Hush.

Madison is an author who has been deaf since her teenage years lives out in the middle of nowhere in a cottage in the woods. A psycho killer discovers her, realizes she’s deaf, and basically lays siege on her home all night, psychologically torturing her before killing her, taking full advantage of her weakness.

I understand the film’s gotten rave reviews. 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (granted, not a whole lot of professional reviews, but still…) ¬†And yeah, since that’s a “positive or negative” thing, I’d have to say my own feelings towards the movie are generally positive. We were entertained.

But I also felt it was a bit… I dunno… formulaic? Paint-by-numbers? Granted, Madison’s deafness is a pretty significant addition to the mix, coloring everything that happens. And it’s fairly well-executed. But for me, it was also pretty predictable from start to finish. And my wife was really, really bugged by the fact that this lady has windows EVERYWHERE and no curtains whatsoever. I mean, yeah, she lives in the middle of the woods, so it’s not like privacy would be that big of a concern, but still…

Bottom line: An okay psycho-killer horror movie with an interesting up-front twist.


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