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Frayed Knights Subtitles

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 16, 2010

Okay, this is a goofy little poll, but for those of you who might be interested, I’m, like, polling. Which is like asking for advice. Except I’ll probably disregard it and do whatever I want to anyway. But right now, I’m not sure what I want to do, so … I poll.

So here’s the thing. There are now THREE Frayed Knights games in development. So they need titles. “Frayed Knights 1“, “Frayed Knights 2” and “Frayed Knights 3” are just kinda… lame. They need something else.  A subtitle.

Now, “Frayed Knights” is kind of a wordplay / pun / humorous title, making it clear that this is not a serious RPG.  I’d like the subtitles to be consistent, so should they:

#1 – Also be humorous / a pun? A subtitle like, “A Dark and Stormy Knight.”

#2 – Be serious and old-school sounding, accentuating the humor of the  “Frayed Knights” main title by contrast? (The pilot episode – The Temple of Pokmor Xang – was like this).

#3 – Go overboard with the melodrama of the title, making it silly by virtue of it being so overwrought or using exaggerated words (like, “The Temple of Horrendous Doom” or “The Accursed Skull of Destruction.”) I’m using names like this for some dungeons and magical items in the game (like “The Tower of Almost Certain Death.”)

So….  what do you think?

To keep things straight, the preferred poll is in this forum thread. That’s where I’ll be referring the most as things move forward. I appreciate the comments that people have already posted (and I’ve been mostly butting out of the discussion, just so as to appear unbiased ‘n stuff).

But for those who have an opinion to share but want nothing to do with the forums, I will of course be reading comments here.

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  • Kimari said,

    After spending quite a while writing these things I no longer think they’re funny… or even make sense, but hey, I’ll post them here anyway since I wouldn’t like to think I just wasted my time:

    Frayed Knights: Naked sword 33 1/3
    Frayed Knights: Yar! (Yet Another RPG)
    Frayed Knights: A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. (Automatic Computerized Reorganization of Names Yielding Meaninglessness)
    Frayed Knights: Puts the pun back into punk
    Frayed Knights: My little punny
    Frayed Knights: Double nunchucks all the way
    Frayed Knights: The second funniest game ever seen
    Frayed Knights: War of the tremendously important thingies
    Frayed Knights: Adventures of a cornucopia of RPG paraphernalia
    Frayed Knights: Rampant Coyote’s Quest to Camelot (yes, that silly place)
    Frayed Knights: Pun Intended
    Frayed Knights: I’m out of ideas

  • Azazel said,

    I would say go overboard, momma always told me: “if yer gonna do something ya better not do it halfassed”

  • Shaf said,

    Since I prefer Funny titles how about:
    Frayed Knight: Quest for the Holey Grill
    (Monty Python beware)

  • Greg Tedder said,

    Numbers are way over-rated. Do an acronym on the numbers.

    ONE – One Nasty Epic.
    TWO – This is Way Overrated
    THREE – Trouble Hiding Reims of Eery Earwax???
    THREE – Thinking HIppos Really Energize Everyone???
    Dangit, this ones tough. 🙂

  • Pisces said,

    Frayed Knights : Where It All Began
    Frayed Knights : Heroes By Choice… NOT !
    Frayed Knights : Hanging By A Thread <- I like this 😛

  • GhanBuriGhan said,

    Frayed Knights: Origin(al)s!
    Frayed Knights: The hotly anticipated sequel!
    Frayed Knights: The dreaded conclusion!

  • Noumenon said,

    I didn’t bother going to the forums because I assumed I’d have to register. I vote choice number one.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    I wish you didn’t have to, Noumenon, but the spambots are bad enough even with registration that I’d be terrified of opening it up further.

  • slenkar said,

    ‘War of the tremendously important thingies’

    i liked this one

  • Maklak said,

    Maybe Indiana-Jones style? “Frayed Knigths and the temple of almoust-certain doom”, there is a dungeon by that name in FK. On the downside this is just one title, and it makes no sense to insert sequel numbers in names like these. “Yet Another RPG” sounds good too, but not as good as “: Temple of Pokemor-Xang” (DnD module name – style).