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The Conclusion of our 22-Year Plan

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 22, 2016

We moved my youngest (of 2) off to college this weekend. She’s not far… her university is across the street from where Wahoo / NinjaBee offices used to be, back when I was working for them (for looooong-time followers of this blog). So definitely within come-home-for-Sunday-Dinner distance. But… she’s moved out. Well, partly.

My married daughter and her husband moved earlier in the week, to their new apartment in southern Utah.

So now, it’s just my wife and me. And Clara Oswald, the dog.

This was our cunning plan 22 years ago. I vaguely remember the discussion. Have kids while we were still young, get them out of the house while we were still (relatively) young, so life can get “back to normal.” Yeah. That was the discussion. One of many. Brilliant plan.

That was half a lifetime ago. What the hell did we think “normal” was back then? I have no idea! I was playing a bunch of Doom back then, and making games in my spare time. I was just about to graduate from college, my wife was teaching elementary school, and I hoped I’d have a nice programming job within a few months.

Now… well, I still hope I’ll have a nice programming job in a few months (preferably the same one I currently hold…), my wife is once again teaching elementary school.  I even have a recent release of Doom (the remake) to finish. And… yeah. Making games in my spare time.

I guess the more that things change, the more they stay the same. But seriously, it’s kind of weird to be on this side of the “cunning plan.”

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  • Cuthalion said,

    Congrats on the completion of your cunning plan!

  • Mike said,

    You’re a couple years older but I love the plan and can relate!

    I’ve read this site for a few years. Never commented but I want to say that I love that you write here and thanks for the work. Oh and Have Frayed Knights but truthfully stopped soon after getting to the area just passed the rats in disguise.

  • marcomon said,

    Maybe it’s time to start another 22-year cunning plan!

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Well, since the last one worked so well… how about retiring with MILLIONS of dollars? Yeah. Sounds like a … well, a wish maybe more than a plan, but hey, why not? 🙂

  • Michael Anderson said,

    haha – gotta love it! We dropped our younger son off for his freshman year last weekend and drop our older son back at NYU for his sophomore year this weekend …

    Now we have successfully executed the plan to have kids who are happy and healthy and find a passion and pursue it and get into good schools and get good scholarships … but while we now have an empty nest while we’re young(ish) enough to enjoy it – two private schools are ridiculously expensive even with excellent scholarships …

    So we now have an empty nest with two college kids – and still have to wait to do all of those things we wanted to do when we had an empty nest! Oh well, at least we’re both very healthy and can enjoy nature and the outdoors and spending time on stuff that doesn’t cost money! 🙂

    Good luck!