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Fallout Post-Mortem, and the Fallout that Never Was

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 9, 2012

At times like these, I really, really miss going to GDC. I can only imagine the awesomeness that was Tim Cain’s talk about the development of the original Fallout – and the really weird(er) direction it might have taken: Kotaku: Fallout Could Have Been About Dinosaurs, Time-Travel, and Monkey Murder “You started in the modern […]

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Independent Games Festival 2012 Winners

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 8, 2012

The problems of the IGF largely derive from its current size and importance. So really, these are the right problems to have. As Brandon Boyer said in his intro to this years’ awards ceremony, they are constantly reevaluating what they are supposed to be for the indie games community. There were 50 games submitted to […]

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RPG Design: Seven Ways to Fix Boring Quests

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 7, 2012

So while much of what I’d like to talk about today applies to any kind of  simple “quest” in a computer role-playing game, I’d like to direct your attention to the overused “Fedex,” “fetch,”  or “courier” quest type.  If you haven’t heard them referred to by those names, you’ve probably still played them. At their […]

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Unity C# Question

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 6, 2012

Maybe someone here who is more familiar with Unity and/or C# can give me a hand here. Using the Monodevelop IDE, I had the following code (somewhat modified here)… public class RoomGeo : MonoBehaviour { public string[] wallResources= {“wall1a”,”wall2a”,”wall4a”}; void CreateWallVisual(int index) { int val = m_RoomTemplates[0].walls[index].wallID; string strname = “Tiles/”+wallResources2[val]; } } Okay, all […]

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GDC Week!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 5, 2012

It’s GDC week this week. This always makes me a little sad. I miss going, even though it’s been over a decade since I last attended. One day I’ll go back. Maybe when Rampant Games is making enough money to justify the trip. I don’t know if I’d even recognize GDC from what it was […]

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Five Things I Unequivocally Love About Modern Mainstream RPGs

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 2, 2012

I tend to rip on modern RPGs a lot here. Yeah, it’s unfair, but it’s my blog. Part of it is my own reaction sycophantic game reviewers and wannabe-journalists who either believe video games weren’t invented until 2000, or who believe that they are doing publishers are a favor by attempting to invalidate anything from […]

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And Yet More IGF Problems

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 1, 2012

I don’t want to disparage the IGF right before the awards, ‘cuz I’m sure they will be awesome, and the games will be too . If they may not necessarily the best indie games of 2011,  they will at least be quite worthy of attention. But this post confirms some deep-rooted suspicions about the competition, […]

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