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Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon


We're calling this the "Strategy Guide" for Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon because... well, that's what it is. It's not just a walkthrough, though you'll find that, too. It's not just a hint-guide, though it has that, too. It's got strategies, charts, lists, and even some fun "in-character" bits of history on the world and adventuring. We hope it'll be both entertaining and informative.

We made the strategy guide with the original intent to sell it for a few dollars extra. But you know what? Money's tight, and we thought it would be better just to make it available for free to help you get the most of your purchase of the game. Although it's SO GOOD, you may want it even if you don't (yet) own the game. That's cool. So we're giving it away.

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Don't want to sign up? Or have you already signed up? Then you can grab your free copy of the strategy guide here:

Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon Strategy Guide (PDF)



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