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Virtual Villagers Chapter 2: The Lost Children
Return to the island, and help your tribe survive and prosper!

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The saga of the Pacific island of Isola continues! After uncovering a mysterious cave in the first game, two villagers find a vine-covered passageway. After falling down a steep slide of slippery rocks, they find themselves on the western part of the island, inhabited by dirty, hungry-looking children in need of their help..

Who are they? What happened to their parents? Unlock the secrets of the original inhabitants of the island as you explore new puzzles, new technology, new events, and brand new mysteries leading your tribe through the generations to prosperity.

Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children adds even more fun to the award-winning, best-selling original. New collectables give you the chance to uncover more discoveries and aid in technology research. A clothing hut allows you to customize your village. New stews can be made from rare herbs found throughout the island, many of which have special properties on your villagers. Older villagers can now help teach their skills to the children of the tribe.

Your virtual village will continue to thrive and change even when you are not playing - if you want it to! Set their tasks and priorities, and check from time to time to help guide their progress. 

The western shore of Isola is packed with even more fun things to try and do, and even more surprises than the original! Download the demo today and give it a try!

The full version includes:

  • Unlimited Game Play!
  • Unlimited Game Sessions!
  • Sixteen Puzzles to Solve!
  • New technologies
  • Dozens of in-game collectable items!

Only $19.95

System Requirements: Windows 98 or later

Play now - FREE Download!
Virtual Villagers 2 Free Demo!

Get the full version now!
Virtual Villagers 2 Full Version!


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