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DEADLY ROOMS OF DEATH: Journey to Rooted Hold
Hack and slash your way to victory in this best-selling puzzle / adventure game!

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Describing Deadly Rooms of Death: Journey to Rooted Hold (let's just call it DROD:JtRH for now, 'k?) is a challenge. It's like a turn-based action RPG. Kinda. One thing that fans have stated repeatedly, though, is that DROD:JtRH is FUN.

As an attractiveness-challenged warrior named Beethro, you will fight and dodge your way through a dungeon filled with traps, monsters, trigger-plates, and various other puzzling artifices in a "thinking man's dungeon."

Join the attractiveness-challenged Beethro, champion member of the Smitemaster's Guild, as he journeys from room to room in a deadly, trap-laden, monster-filled dungeon. Well-done, humorous voice-overs help lay out the story as Beethro smites giant roaches, serpents, goblins, rock golems, evil eyes, and other monsters; activates doors, zaps through teleporters, and orders other characters around to assist in his quest. This game is full of tongue-in-cheek voice-over dialog and tricky encounters and puzzles.

Even better - the game includes a powerful level-editor so you can create your own Deadly Rooms of Death! Don't feel up to the task of building your own brain-fryingly challenging puzzles? That's fine - there's a HUGE supply of community-built free dungeons for you to enjoy.

Winner of Game Tunnel's 2005 Player's Choice Game of the Year !

 8/10!  "Deadly Rooms of Death Ė Journey to Rooted Hold is one of the most curious games that Iíve played to this day. At first glance, it appears to be some kind of dungeon crawl RPG akin to Nethack, but soon after you start playing, youíll discover that DROD Ė Journey to Rooted Hold is a very complex and challenging puzzle game. In other words, itís a Rolepuzzling Hack & Slash." - GameTunnel

"With a maddeningly addictive gameplay, over 350 rooms spanning 25 levels, a cool storyline, a level editor to make your own levels, and lots of secret rooms to discover, JtRH is a great puzzler that will keep you hooked for months on end." - Home of the Underdogs

The full version includes:

  • Several new, colorfile tilesets!
  • A complete, powerful level editor!
  • Access to TONS of free user-created maps!
  • 25 levels and over 350 Rooms!
  • 17 types of monsters with different behaviors and abilities!
  • Lots of unique characters to help and hinder you on your way!

Only $19.95

System Requirements: Windows 98 or later

Play now - FREE Download!
DROD 2: Journey to Rooted Hold Free Demo!

Get the full version now!
DROD 2: Journey to Rooted Hold Full Version!


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