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What would you do if YOU ran the government?

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Democracy Free Demo!

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Congratulations! You just won the election, and are now the leader of a great democracy in the modern world.

NOW what do you do?

Your objective as President or Prime Minister in this awesome turn-based simulation, is to manage your chosen country and get re-elected every four years. There are no term limits, so you can theoretically stay in power forever.

The trick is to balance the needs of your constituents through setting policy and responding to various crises during your terms. Sure, you could cut taxes in half across the board, which would certainly make everyone happy in the short term. But when your company is falling into bankruptcy and you have to start cutting medical care, anti-pollution measures, and so on those same voters are going to be pretty unhappy with you.

Think you could do better than the current administration? Now's your chance to prove it! Download the free demo of Democracy and give it a try!

"For fans of the genre it delivers intriguing strategy that doesn’t seem arbitrary or abstract" - Out of Eight

8/10 "Democracy is a great game which, despite its somewhat high initial difficulty, is definitely worth checking out. It offers a lot of nice details and very challenging game play. Losing a game of Democracy is almost as rewarding as winning your next election, because you know for yourself that you learned a lot about the scenario and the political processes involved." - Game Tunnel

"The best stab at recreating the political machine on your PC Yet" - PCFormat Magazine

The full version includes:

  • Unlimited Play
  • Eight different real-world countries
  • Unique problems and cultures with every country
  • No term / re-election limits

Only $19.95

Play now - FREE Download!
Democracy Free Demo!

Get the full version now!
Democracy Full Version!


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