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Frayed Knights at Salt Lake Gaming Con

Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 10, 2015

SLGC2015The new Salt Lake Gaming Convention is going to be at the South Towne Expo Center August 6th – 8th, and Rampant Games will have a booth there showing the current build of Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath. The playable demo will likely be the same dungeon as last time (it’s short — that’s the whole point), but with a whole bunch of new features, and more complete (and balanced!) gameplay and tutorials. I hope to have something of an “attract mode” that will show some other areas and aspects of the game.

I will be there in conjunction with the Utah Games Guild, their “Arcade,” with some awesome local developers. I’m really looking forward to this – for demoing the game, it’ll be a LOT better than Comic Con, I’m pretty sure. If you happen to be in the area and want to visit, please come visit! It’s gonna be a big party! Here’s the blurb from the site:

Another major convention is coming to Utah!

Over 25,000 gamers will be attending the Salt Lake Gaming Con (SLGC) when it visits the South Towne Expo Center during August 6th-8th. This three-day convention will focus on video games, tabletop games, and cosplay. The convention will feature top game developers from all over the country who will be demoing their games and running tournaments. We will be hosting tournaments for different skill levels so everyone has the chance to participate and have fun!

In addition to interacting with major game developers, fans will have the opportunity to meet some of the biggest celebrities in the gaming industry. We will also be hosting and promoting nightly parties and concerts as part of the SLGC weekend—access to these events will be free with purchase of a 3 day pass.

The main goals of SLGC are to provide as much fun as possible to convention goers and to eliminate the less pleasant aspects of a con. SLGC will provide constant entertainment throughout the weekend offering entertainment, attractions and activities for everyone and anyone interested in attending the con.

I’m really looking forward to this. This will be HUGE by pre-Comic Con standards, but with a totally different focus. It’ll be exhausting, I’m sure, but it will also be a blast. I’d say “I can’t wait,” but ho-lee crap we’ve got a lot to get done between then and now!

Salt Lake Gaming Con, August 6-8: http://www.saltlakegamingcon.com/



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  • Daniel "Darklord" King said,

    I’d love to try out the FK2 demo. Do you plan to let your online fans have a go at some point? 🙂

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Yes, although currently the game doesn’t work in the browser very well. That has to be a special build. I’ve been busy adding content and functionality – this event is giving me an excuse to really focus on presentation of a good, *SELF-EXPLANATORY* demo.

    That was something I learned last time I showed it. I had to explain things to everybody every single time, and I realized that was a perfect opportunity to have the game do it instead. Except I haven’t really solved the primary problem, which is to make the controls not need explaining. 🙂