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Band of Bugs
Fun, Friendly, and Funny Battles Between Bellicose Beetles!

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Fans of tactics games, rejoice! Band of Bugs, the popular XBox Live Arcade game by the makers of Outpost Kaloki, has come to infest your PC with fast-paced strategic action and lots of humor!  Brilliant graphics combine with humor, and a friendly easy-to-learn strategy game accessible to newcomers to the  genre, with plenty of depth for seasoned vets to enjoy! 

The campaign follows the young bug hero Maal as he joins the royal army of the Central Kingdom under the guidance of mantis warrior Tiernan. As Maal grows in understanding and ability, he commands more powerful heroes in larger groups on his way to saving his Queen and defeating the menace that threatens his kingdom. Strategy is everything to young Maal, for his every command will determine whether he succeeds and saves the kingdom, or he fails, taking the kingdom down with him.

Band of Bugs features a full story-based campaign, online play, and a level editor that lets you design custom scenarios and share them with your friends online!
In addition to the story-based campaign and stand-alone missions, Band of Bugs features several unique multiplayer modes: Elimination, Escape, Capture, Mission and Spider Hunter. In Elimination, the first team to lose every bug in one party loses the battle. In Capture mode, players must capture or defend a strong point. The point of Escape is to reach an escape point, or keep the enemy away from that point. Multiplayer Mission features a unique scenario with an individual story, events and goals. The most fun multiplayer mode is Spider Hunter, which is a more relaxed game that allows up to 8 people to join and leave as they choose.

Full Game Features include the ability to save your progress; A 20-level story mode campaign featuring heroes, villains, and tactical insect combat; a map editor that lets you create custom levels for play locally or with your friends over a local network or over the Internet; and multiple online and local skirmish game modes.

"Certainly I feel it calling me back - I want another crack at scoring platinum for mission 8…With such strong gameplay, stylish looks and a liberal pinch of humour, this is likely to stay on my hard drive for a long time to come." - bytten.com

"NinjaBee raises the bar for what a small game can provide (offering a lengthy campaign, multiplayer and a level editor), as well as innovating the genre for great effect…Band of Bugs makes a perfect translation to the PC, and if you have any room in your hearts at all for NinjaBee’s trademark humor or game innovation, at least do yourself the favor of looking at the link." - GeneralGames

The full version includes:

  • All features and levels
  • 20-level campaign
  • Map Editor to create your own battlefields
  • Online and local multiplayer games
  • Several types of battles, including a special online-only Spider Hunter mood
  • Support for additional downloadable content to expand your game!

Only $14.95

System Requirements: Windows XP or Vista. 128 MB RAM, 800 MHZ CPU, 32MB + 3D card supporting OpenGL 1.1 or later

Play now - FREE Download!
Band of Bugs Free Demo!

Get the full version now!
Band of Bugs Full Version!

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