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The best games you've never heard of. Download and try out some of the best indie Roleplaying (RPGs), Adventure, Strategy, and Action games from Rampant Games and our affiliate partners. What Is An Indie Game?

Depths of PerilAveyond 2: Ean's QuestEmpires and Dungeons
Battle monsters and rival barbarian tribes in this fast-paced RPG of combat and diplomacy.Stop the Snow Queen's machinations in this classically-styled roleplaying gameConquer a kingdom and explore deadly dungeons! A simple, fast-paced strategy game / RPG.

Fatal HeartsStyrategAsguaard
Create your own story in a supernatural visual novel.Lead your forces to victory in this quick-paced, turn-based strategy / roleplaying game of epic fantasy battles.Stop the plagues released from Pandora's box in a world of dwarves, faeries, and other legendary creatures

Planet Stronghold3 Stars of DestinyCute Knight
The newest arrival at the most well-defended human outpost in the galaxy, you soon find yourself embroiled in a sci-fi story of adventure and romance.Save three heroes from the greed of an evil god.Help a young girl discover her destiny in this unique award-winning fantasy role-playing game!

Science GirlsKivi's UnderworldThe Last Scenario
Aliens have invaded your girls school! Fight back in this lighthearted RPGDefend against a dark elf invasion!Enjoy a free, full-length RPG of epic fantasy adventure in the jRPG tradition.

Cute Knight KingdomDin's CurseThe Three Musketeers
A young girl has three years to discover her destiny. A sim / RPG of great depth and replayability.Action-RPG Dungeon-Supremacy! Battle to save a town in peril in a dynamic, changing world influenced by your actions.All for one, and one for all! Relive the classic novel in this RPG!

Delve a dungeon for some hack & slash goodness in an hour or less!Defeat a dark prophecy in this epic 2D fantasy role-playing game featuring over 50 hours of game-play!


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