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Kivi's Underworld
Rebuild a Lost City in this RPG "Lite" Action Game!

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Deep underground on a mining expedition, young humen warrior Kivi discovers what he believes to be the prelude to an invasion by the mythical dark elves. No one believes him. Initially alone, Kivi must defend his home against the dark elves through multiple adventures, eventually recruiting a number of playable characters to join him as he fights off the dark elf menace and rebuilds the lost city of Defiance.

Described as a "Casual Hack & Slash" game, Kivi's Underworld occupies that fuzzy nebulous zone between an RPG and straightforward action game. It's a "beer and pretzels" game for seasoned RPG vets and new players alike.

It could be argued that Soldak Entertainment's award-winning "Depths of Peril" was geared perhaps too much for the hardcore RPG audience with its dynamic world and evolving quests. "Kivi's Underworld,"  also by Soldak, takes place in the same world, but is a different style of game. Easier to play and get into, Kivi's Underworld captures the essence of a good action-RPG, but moves at a quick, simplified pace, with adventures that can usually be completed in only a few minutes.

Fight enemies - collect treasure - and acquire allies that can be played in future missions. If you are a fan of Diablo-style hacking & slashing with just enough RPG meat to keep things exciting, Kivi's Underworld may be the game for you. Download it and try it out tonight!


The full version includes:

  • Twenty different playable characters!
  • Dozens of adventures!
  • Special "Challenge Mode!"
  • Lots more puzzles, bosses, and quests!

Only $19.99

System Requirements: Windows 98 or later, GForce 2 or equivalent 3D card, 100 megabytes hard drive space.

Play now - FREE Download!
Kivi's Underworld Free Demo!

Get the full version now!
Kivi's Underworld Full Version!


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